This is the official Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA) website for the Australian Cobberdog. The Australian Cobberdog is a breed in development with the MDBA stud registry as the only registry that can provide pedigree papers for this breed.

The Australian Cobberdog has been developed by a core group of foundation breeders, who have as their primary focus, the health and temperament of the dogs whilst striving toward the long term vision for the breed. Part of that vision is their commitment to breeding dogs that will meet the breed standard.

With our 21st Century advanced science, including DNA testing, and electronic systems in communication and transportation the development of this breed has many advantages over the foundation breeders of past years who developed currently recognised breeds.

The core foundation breeders have made many hard decisions to ensure the health, predictability of temperament, characteristics and management requirements of their breed have been optimised. They have been able to eliminate and avoid many potential problems in the dogs they produce which limit the risks to the health of the dogs and to reduce the possibility of the breed being compromised either now or into the future.

The MDBA has established a Breed Advisory committee consisting of current Australian Cobberdog breeders whose role it is to advise the MDBA on any issues relating to the further development of this breed.