Breed Advisory Committee Members

Renae Taylor (Spring Hills)

Jennifer Tasche (JAE)

Iris Johansen (Iris)

Sharon Milne (Sharchum)

Meret Gebert Blattner (Swiss Jurassic)

Rita Wiik (Nor)

Taina Larvi-Autio (Tailarvaut)

MDBA Board Representative – Julie Nelson

What is a Breed Advisory Committee?

A Breed Advisory Committee (BAC) is a committee of the Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA). There is a BAC for each breed. Their responsibility is to work in the interests of the dogs of its breed by advising the MDBA in establishing, monitoring and maintaining its breeding policy, registration policy and the standards of points.

The BAC is responsible for maintaining and establishing programs and policies for the protection of the breed. The BAC also provides a forum for discussion between the breeders and the MDBA and considers all aspects of its particular breed.

Once formed the BAC becomes the sole group recognised as the advisory/recommending body to the MDBA for that Breed.

The BAC nominates persons who have satisfied the BAC as to their suitability, to become a judge, to the MDBA for appointment as a probationer or Full Judge/assessor of their breed. It also maintains contact with judges on their Breed Judge List to keep them aware of any objectives in the development of the breed(s) and any amendments to the standards of points.

The BAC makes proposals to the MDBA Board of Directors on matters relating to standards of Points, registration Policies, advancement of status and applications for new coat colours or patterns. Such proposals are the sole prerogative of the BAC.

The BAC operates in accordance with MDBA rules which is based on an MDBA template for BACs and after personalisation to meet specific BACs purposes is approved by the MDBA Board of Directors.

The Australian Cobberdog Breed Advisory Committee is currently working on

  1. Assessment protocols and points system for conformation.
  2. Judges/ assessors acceptance criteria
  3. Judges/ Assessors training scheme.